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Metal Fusion, Inc.

FAA Repair Station CG3R422L

425 Hurlingame Ave

Redwood City, CA 94063

(650) 368-7692

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What We Do

Robotic controlled plasma spray services, supporting mission critical industries including Aerospace and Semiconductors.


Metal Fusion Inc. Redwood City CA

Where We Do It

Located in Silicon Valley, our facility has been in the forefront of advancing technologies and global industries.

40 Years in Business

Metal Fusion Inc. has been successfully operating for over 40 years.

Metal Fusion Inc.

Experience Team

Our team has combined thermal spray experience that amounts to 180 years

Plamsa Spray Services

Expertise in repair of various high value mechanical parts utilizing two Metco 9M plasma systems, two dual-wire arc spray systems as well as fuel-wire and Metco 5P/6P Thermo systems. Our thermal spray services are supported by machining and welding equipment.


4 Lathes up to 39” x 200” in Capacity

2 Cylindrical Grinders up to 19” x 50” in Capacity

2 Mills up to 36” x 48” Travel

1 Lap to 19”

Roll and Shaft Turning Apparatus for Spraying rolls and Shafts up to 12’ in Length

Technical Capabilities

Featured Projects

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