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Metal Fusion, Inc.

FAA Repair Station CG3R422L

425 Hurlingame Ave

Redwood City, CA 94063

(650) 368-7692

About Us

Our Journey:

From Aircraft Engine Repairs to Cutting-Edge Technology

In 1984, Metal Fusion embarked on its journey by repairing aircraft engine parts in a modest garage near the UAL Maintenance Base at San Francisco International Airport. The business officially launched in 1985, setting up shop in a small industrial park in Belmont. By the end of that year, Metal Fusion had earned FAA Repair Station No. CG3R422L approval for TIG welding, dye penetrant inspection, and machining.

The heart of Metal Fusion’s work centered around repairing a specific DC-10 engine part for Garrett Air Research, which later became Allied Signal and was eventually acquired by Honeywell. From 1984 to 1991, the company focused exclusively on this critical engine component, becoming the sole provider for repairs. Airlines operating DC-10s relied on Metal Fusion’s expertise, solidifying the company’s position as a trusted vendor.

However, in 1991, an economic downturn hit, causing Metal Fusion to lose over half of its workload. Undeterred, the company had recently invested significantly in a building in Redwood City. To adapt, Metal Fusion expanded its services beyond aviation, venturing into industrial repair and the semiconductor industry. The team developed repair solutions for various aircraft parts, broadening their expertise.


Since 1995, Metal Fusion has split its efforts between aerospace, semiconductors, and industrial applications. Their 5000-square-foot concrete tilt-up building, established in 1990, has been a reliable hub for innovation. In 1988, they transitioned into the thermal spray business with the acquisition of a Metco 3M plasma spray system. Collaborating with a fuel cell development company in 2003, Metal Fusion expanded further.


By 2012, the company had invested in two Metco 9M plasma spray systems, complemented by Fanuc robotic capabilities. These systems allowed Metal Fusion to become a key supplier of thermal spray solutions for the fuel cell industry. Today, their clientele includes satellite manufacturers, VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) technology companies, and rocket engine manufacturers. They specialize in providing thermal barrier coatings for 3D-printed parts and also repair J85 turbine engine components and other high-value mechanical parts across diverse industries.


Metal Fusion’s journey from repairing DC-10 engine parts to pioneering thermal spray technology exemplifies their adaptability and commitment to excellence. 🚀✨

Our Team

Paul started the business in 1985 as the president of Metal Fusion.  He started his apprenticeship at United Airlines in 1965 as an aerospace machinist working on DC-6 engines as well as Boeing and Douglas jets. Paul obtained his private pilot’s license in 1972 and A&P license in 1976. He purchased the building in 1990 as well as all equipment on site.  Paul has an AA degree in aeronautics and a BA in industrial design.

Paul Carrick

Mark joined the business in 1995, and has been promoted to vice president of the company on 2014.  He has an AP license from his servicing jet engines in the US Navy.  Mark has become an expert with all thermal spray systems, machining of turbine engine parts and dye penetrant inspection.  He solves problems that we see every day at MFI.  Mark has a total of 35 years of experience, and he received his A&P license in 1995.

Mark Elwood

Xiaowen joined the business in 2007 as the company’s office manager responsible for customer billing and accounts payable.  She holds a BS degree from Shanghai.

Xiaowen Chen

Khanh joined Metal Fusion in 1987 with 14 years of experience as a thermal spray technician.  He has a total of 37 years of experience and he is very knowledgeable with plasma, arc and fuel wire technologies.  Khanh holds FAA repair certificate No 3626312.

Khanh Le

Hai joined Metal Fusion in 2017 with 27 years of experience as a thermal spray technician.  He is familiar with plasma and arc wire systems, and he is skilled at both manual and robotic spray operations.

Hai Nguyen

Anthony joined Metal Fusion as a machinist trainee in May of 2024.  He is currently studying for his A&P license.

Anthony Torres

Operations Specifications, CG3R422L, Effective 4-8-2024

AS9110 Quality System Certificate

Metal Fusion FAA Certificate


Metal Fusion's Certificates

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