Thermal Spray

Thick-Film: Thermally Applied Coating Services

The processes that are used to create these coatings are often referred to as metallizing, plasma spraying, metal spraying, arc spraying, ceramic coating and a few other, less popular, names. Each of these applies a subset of the entire process of applying a coating of metal, oxide, ceramic, carbide or composite material to a substrate using heat.  A material with a liquid phase is prepared in either wire or powder form. This material is delivered to a heat source, where it melts and is atomized into a spray that is projected towards the prepared substrate. When the individual particles strike the intended surface they lose their heat to the substrate and solidify, building up a coating.  The purpose of the coating may be to restore dimensions to a worn part, improve wear resistance, provide corrosion or oxidation resistance, modify electrical conductivity or resistivity, or provide thermal insulation.  

Metal Fusion has extensive experience in the restoration of turbine engine parts, mechanical components and coating of semiconductor fab components such as shields, masks, and targets. We have produced coatings for a broad range of industries including the medical device and architectural applications. The range of applications is virtually without limit.  If you think that this may be an approach that could improve or salvage your parts, give us a call and we will investigate.