Metal Fusion’s Designated Engineering Representative (DER) Repairs

In addition to repairs from the OEM manuals, we also have six DER approved repairs that we developed ourselves and are listed here for convenience.  (Denotes DER repair)

OEM Part MFI Repair DER?
Garrett 331 APU 3rd Stage Labyrinth Seal MF-60-49-24-12-R01
Garrett TSCP 700 LP Compressor Interstage Housing MF-30-49-23-06-R01
Garrett Air Cycle Impeller Assembly P/N 801414 -1/-2 MF-90-21-50-05-AR17
and MF-90-21-50-05-AR18

Garrett Air Cycle Impeller Assembly P/N 801414 – 1 MF-90-21-50-05-AR17
Lucas Magnesium Housing/Aluminum Insert MF-LSI-1861
Allied Signal Accessory Housing – A.C. Generator MF-AS-3827
Bendix, Accessory Housing (L100 Generator) MF-BEN-9890-1
Lucas (LSI) Magnesium Housing MF-BA-01201C