Metal Fusion is a leader in thermal spray technology and has been proudly serving major industries such as the aerospace, semiconductor, fuel cell, and industrial repair for over 30 years. Located in Silicon Valley, Metal Fusion’s customers include leading semiconductor and fuel cell producers as well as aircraft overhaul and maintenance facilities.

Metal Fusion is happy to work with our customers researching, developing, and testing to help you achieve the best coating available.  We can obtain any material globally available

Our low prices and quick turn time set Metal Fusion above the rest. Please contact us. We would be happy to provide you with a quote.

In 1985, two men who were employees of United Airlines, each with considerable years of service, founded Metal Fusion, Inc. (a California Corporation) and earned their FAA Air Agency Certificate in November of that year. Metal Fusion (MFI) is now solely owned by Paul Carrick, one of the original founders.  Mark Elwood is vice president and FAA Inspector.

In 1985 our primary customer was Garrett Air Research, now a leading aerospace company. Today MFI is not only still repairing parts for this leading aerospace company, but MFI has also added all the major airlines and several other aerospace and industrial companies to its growing customer list.

The rework capabilities of MFI revolve around thermal spraying, welding, machining and inspection. Over the years, our thermal spray capability has grown from a Metco MN system and a 3MB Plasma gun by adding new systems, as our workload required us to do so. Today MFI has two plasma systems, a 40Kw unit and a newly installed 80Kw Metco 7M unit. We also have combustion powder and wire systems, and a TAFA 900 dual wire arc system. We now have two spray cells and a state-of-the-art dry cartridge dust collection system that exceeds all current pollution control regulations and can be readily upgraded should that ever be required.

Presently MFI employs four thermal spray technicians and one coating engineer. This gives MFI a combined staff experience of almost 100 years in thermally applied coatings.

Initially, welding and machining were the vehicles that permitted MFI to penetrate the aerospace component repair marketplace, and it has built on that core competence from the beginning. Today the machine shop has grown to four lathes; the largest being a 1998 model with a 40″x200″ capacity, and two milling machines. Our largest mill has a 48″x48″ table and is equipped with a 24″ tilting rotary table.  We also have a large cylindrical grinder and a surface grinder as well.

Welding has always been part of the MFI formula and we have two TIG welding machines that are operated by talented craftsmen who are unusually skilled at joining inconel, stainless, titanium, magnesium and aluminum parts with these top systems.

Our welding capability is complimented by our certified Dye Penetrant Inspection capability. Three of our employees are certified to Level Two for inspection of aircraft parts for flaw indications, per NAS 410.

Three MFI employees have A&P licenses and we are very familiar with the latest FAA requirements, regulations and procedures.  We have 4,000 square feet of shop space and 1,200 square feet of office area. A 1,000 square foot parking/loading area fenced and concrete paved is in the front of the building.